Top 5 Christmas Adverts from 2019

2019 was another good year for Christmas adverts, and I’ve spent a good ten minutes trawling the archive to bring you my top 5 highlights from last year.

Cue the Scooby Doo wobbly screen thing as we jump back to 2019…

First up it’s Tesco with their ‘finest’ (see what I did there?) effort in many years. Tesco always seems to be a bit of a target for hate on Youtube, so it’s good to see them ‘delivering’ (sorry) here. Rewatching this gave me a really big smile which is really what you want.

What’s next? Well, this year Argos announced they’ll be stopping their catalogues and tragically, this advert really shows off the magic of the catalogue. I remember spending hours in the toy section, circling products and telling my mum and dad the prices on everything I wanted for Christmas. I’ll never forget getting my Jetfire Transformer one year…

Next we have McDonald’s. Not really a Christmas kind of brand you’d argue, but they do have a good go generally and 2019 was no exception. I do like this transition to real people later, it’s very cute. When it comes down to it though, who is actually doing Maccies at Christmas?

Always at Christmas there is a clamour to know what the John Lewis advert holds for us. Everyone who is too cool for school (me) complains that it’s not as good as last year. There are always some strange folk who give it the ‘I’m crying here..’ comments, I don’t get that either. As if an advert makes you cry (unless it’s a sale on something you just went big on). This one, yeah, not as good as last year but, infintely better than the man in the moon.

Finally, Sainsbury’s absolutely blowing the doors off…watch it all, right to the end.

So that’s it, the top 5 Christmas adverts of 2019. Did I miss one? Let me know on the comments or hit me up on Twitter and we can argue about it.

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