REVIEW: Morrisons ‘The Best’ Florentine Mince Pies

Morrisons get the honour for 2020 of receiving the first review of this year with these extremely nice looking Florentine mince pies. I spotted these while casually browsing their online grocery shop and couldn’t resist picking them up, despite it still being September.

Let’s find out how how they do…


The packaging here is pretty nice. You know the rules by now and this is an example of Morrisons pushing into the classy packaging territory. The window in the box shows the slightly inconsistent, but basically attractive pies. The colouring and imagery is classy and understated. It’s not what I’d call Christmassy though, more like a ‘party’ pie.

The back of the box is boring though…

8/10 – Just not Christmassy enough, but this is a good effort


You know, these are hard to judge. On one hard, they’re pretty and look appetising. On the other, they’re wildly inconsistent. Check out the image below, the pie at the bottom right versus the pie at the bottom left. A completely different topping quantity and this spoils things somewhat.

A closer look reveals some more details…

Taken individually, I actually like the look and for that reason, this is going to get a good score.

8/10 – Slightly inconsistent, but generally very nice looking nutty topping


Filling wise, it’s all on show at least. There is no pastry lid here to hide a tiny dribble of filling. The filling is thick and fruity and the nuts on top are arguable filling too. It’s rich smelling too, with the clear notes of cherry and spices wisping through, the ingredients don’t show any alcohol included, but with the heavy spices for once I’m not missing that.

9/10 – Chunky, fruity and smelling good. Winning.

Taste Test

The key measure, the one that really counts. And you know what, it’s actually pretty good, although there are a few caveats.

For starters, I hope you like almonds because there are plenty here. Too much can make a pie stray into bakewell territory (not a bad thing, but not a mince pie), but this manages to walk that line and stay on the mince pie side. This means we really start with the nutty texture and flavours of almond.

The pastry is thin, it’s not soggy on the bottom, but it is thin and folds quickly when biting in so these won’t last long. This doesn’t feel like much of a pie for 200+ calories, I’ll be honest.

The mincemeat though, oh my….the fruit flavour really hits home, a perfect hit of cherries and almonds blends with the copious spices and suddenly you have something special. There is a boozy type of flavour and I have checked the ingredients a few times, no booze.

17/20 – Stunningly good fruit filling but weak pastry effort means perfection is missed

Overall Score

A huge result to kick off 2020, well played Morrisons!


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