The Mince Pie – League Tables To Date

Which is the best mince pie to buy? Which mince pie tastes the best? Which mince pie has the most attractive packaging? Which is the worst mince pie? Find out here with our Mince Pie League Table, updated with all of the Mince Pies from 2019. Below the table, there is also a league table broken down for each year the site has been running.

1Fortnum & Mason Traditional20178992046
2Marks & Spencer The Collection201969101944
3Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference2019101071542
4John Lewis/Cottage Delight Tipsy Gin Mince Pies20187871941
5Tesco Finest All Butter20168871841
6M&S Star201661081741
7Lidl Deluxe Luxury20189871741
8Aldi Specially Selected20164981940
9Iceland Luxury20166691940
10Aldi Sloe Gin Mince Tarts20176771939
11Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference All Butter20177881639
12Morrisons The Best All-Butter20199961539
13Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference All Butter20187991439
14Aldi Specially Selected20174961938
15Selfridges Traditional20185871838
16Iceland Luxury20176691738
17Coop Irresistable Luxury20168771638
17Lime Tree Pantry Mince Pies20174981637
19M&S Christmas All Butter20166581736
20Greggs Sweet20166671736
21Coop Puff Pastry with Brandy20185761735
22Waitrose Plum, Honey and Ginger20198581536
23Spar Luxury All Butter20168871235
24Lovemore Freefrom Mince Pies20194571834
25Sainsbury’s Mini Ecclefechan and Mincemeat Tarts20176981033
26Tesco Mince Pies20169241732
27Coop Irresistible Mince Pies20188381332
28Fortnum & Mason Almond Topped20178951032
29Waitrose All Butter20165571431
30Sainsbury’s Iced Topped20179541230
31Waitrose All Butter Mini Seletion20198561029
32Sainsbury’s Stollen Mince Tarts20187631228
33Sainsbury’s Deep Filled20179451028
34Coop Deep Filled Mince Pies2018876728
35Coop Irresistible Luxury20178351026
36Waitrose All-Butter20195551025
37Coop Bakery Shortcrust20165141020
38Coop Puff Pastry2016661518
39Iceland Luxury2018627318
40Heston Spiced with Lemon2016393116

League Tables, broken down by year…

1Tesco Finest All Butter8871841
2Marks & Spencer All Star61081741
3Aldi Specially Selected4981940
4Iceland Luxury6691940
5Coop Irresistible Luxury8771638
6Marks & Spencer All Butter6581736
7Greggs Sweet6671736
8Spar Luxury All Butter8871235
9Tesco Mince Pies9241732
10Waitrose All Butter5571431
11Coop Bakery Shortcrust5141020
12Coop Puff Pastry661518
13Heston Spiced with Lemon393116
1Fortnum & Mason Traditional8992046
2Aldi Sloe Gin Mince Tarts6771939
3Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference All Butter7881639
4Aldi Specially Selected4961938
5Iceland Luxury6691738
6Lime Tree Pantry4981637
7Sainsbury’s Mini Ecclefechan and Mincemeat Tarts6981033
8Fortnum & Mason Almond Topped8951032
9Sainsbury’s Iced Topped9541230
10Sainsbury’s Deep Filled9451028
11Coop Irresistible Luxury8351026
1John Lewis / Cottage Delight Tipsy Gin7871941
2Lidl Deluxe Luxury9871741
3Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference All Butter7991439
4Selfridges Traditional5871838
5Coop Puff Pastry with Brandy5761735
6Coop Irresistible Mince Pies 8381332
7Sainsbury’s Stollen Mince Tarts7631228
8Coop Deep Filled876728
9Iceland Luxury627318
1Marks & Spencer The Collection69101944
2Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference All Butter101071542
3Morrison’s The Best All Butter9961539
4Waitrose Plum, Honey & Ginger8581536
5Lovemore Freefrom Mince Pies4571834
6Waitrose All Butter Mini Selection8561029
7Waitrose All Butter5551025

Ties are settled by “Taste Test”, followed by “Presentation”, followed by “Filling” with “Packaging” as the last tie breaker.

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