December 24th: Santa Claus – The Movie

Trickbox_Santa_Claus_The_MovieThis is it folks, day 24, the final day of Advent and the final movie for this year.

Santa Claus: The Movie.

The ‘The Movie’ bit is important here, it’s a subtitle that marks this version of Santa Claus as authoritative. No others are real, this is the real deal!

And because of that, it needs to be seen on Christmas Eve because it pretty much law.

And every single year, you’re disappointed. Man alive, this is heavy going for a Santa movie. The late, great, Dudley Moore stars as an elf who goes rogue to New York, gets mixed up with a toy manufacturer and the whole of Christmas nearly gets ruined.


There’s a nice bit of Christmas history in the beginning, it’s all interesting and all, but sloooooow.

It does get going in the end, but do you have to work for it.

Still, it’s Christmas Eve so just settle in with a gin and tonic and a few crackers with cheese and chill!


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