REVIEW: Lidl Deluxe Luxury Mince Pies (2018)

Well, the name is a mouthful, with a redundant ‘Deluxe’ or Luxury’ in there, but still, at least it stands out as a name!

At the point of publishing, you still have Christmas eve to go and buy some pies too (or after Christmas if you’re having a party, they’ll all be reduced by then).

This is the penultimate mince pie review for 2018, let’s see what it brings eh? Let’s crack on…


The packaging on these is vaguely reminiscent of the Iceland pies, with the nice texturing and the black design. These are a little more interesting though, with a little glass of something alcoholic pictured, a bit of ribbon and what looks like might be a lump of coal…maybe?

Lidl - 3

The box is quite deep too and the window shows the very nicely decorated pies. All in, this is fairly impressive work from a supposed budget retailer. And, get this…these are only £1.35 so premium packaging design, definitely budget pricing.

9/10 – Very nice overall, impressive premium look at a budget price


Opening the box and sliding out that tray, what can we see…

Lidl - 5

Six mince pies, presented in a black plastic tray, filling the height of the tray too (take note Iceland). The pies all look very evenly baked, with a pretty star design, a light sprinkle of sugar and zero leakage.

In fact, the quality control on these really is quite impressive.

Lidl - 6

There is something weird though when you take them out of the tray, the kind of have a lid on a lid. Look:

Lidl - 12

It’s unusual, I’ll give it that!

8/10 – Very nicely presented out of the box, strange lid design but pretty


Special treat, I took a photo of the inside for you here:


So it’s a bit over half full, that explains the lack of leakage (and perhaps the price), but the filling looks decent quality. It’s moist, it’s chunky and it’s got a nice, if slightly faint, whiff of booze. Plenty of fruit here too.

7/10 – Maybe not quite full or boozy enough, but great textures visible

Taste Test

The big moment then, what are they like really?

Lidl - 8

I’ve got to say, these are really rather good. I mean, they’re not Fortnum and Mason levels of exceptional, but they are several leagues better than any ‘cheap’ mince pies from Sainsbury’s, Coop, Asda etc. They’re easily on a par or better than, the Aldi Specially Selected and other pies of that standard.

The pasty is really well baked, it has a decent ‘crunch’ to it and doesn’t hug the inside of your mouth after eating it. The filling is only vaguely boozy, not really potent enough for me, but I know some like it a little less so. Overall, taste-wise, these a very good, not great, but very good and I’d very much be happy to put them out for a family buffet.

17/20 – Very good mince pie flavours, very much a classic taste


Considering these are £1.35 you literally can’t go wrong here, quality flavours, nicely and consistently presented, well baked and a bargain. These are a quality product.



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