December 22nd: Jingle all the Way

MV5BMmJlYzViNzctMjQ1Ni00ZWQ4LThkN2YtMzI2ZGU5Nzk0NTAyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQxNzMzNDI@._V1_Arnie gets a lot of stick for his acting skills, or lack of, but he’s genuinely under-rated when you really think about it. The Terminator is a masterclass of tension and so much of that is driven by Arnie’s relentless presence. Most people agree, he’s a great action movie actor (or was back in the 80s and 90s anyway), but what people always forget, is how he likes a good comedy. And a bad comedy.

Apparently he regards Twins as one of his best movies.

This is categorically not one of his best movies.

I’m sure most of you have seen this movie, it’s the one where the really annoying kid out of Star Wars Phantom Menace plays Arnie’s son and he wants a Turboman for Christmas. The whole is totally inspired by the Buzz Lightyear craze of a good few years ago, where you couldn’t get one for love nor money and people were fighting over them in the streets. Merry Christmas and all that!


My big beef with this movie is throughout there is the implication that buying Turboman is the way to win his son’s love at Christmas. That you have to get what they most want, otherwise you’re just, A Bad Dad!

That’s really not fair on parents frankly and shows a grossly materialistic world view that is pretty distasteful.


Of course, that’s reading a lot into it and it’s only when you consider the events of the movie does that even become really clear. Throughout, it’s actually a bit of a good laugh in places, some fun comic slapstick action and Arnie fully hamming it up.

And it WAS pointed out to me, in the end, the child doesn’t really care about Turboman because his Dad is great. But I don’t buy it, he literally watched his dad dress up as Turboman in the parade, he went well above and beyond! He’s influenced by all of it and, of course, if your Dad is the real life Turboman, who cares about a plastic version.

Meh, anyway, it’s Saturday, have a gin and tonic and chill with this for the afternoon.


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