Supermarkets and Christmas in July

Considering the amount of money spent by the supermarkets on these press events to launch their Christmas food, there is a real lack of publicity out there.

I’ve been trawling the Internet, relatively unsuccessfully it must be said, to find what all of them are planning. I’ve found a couple of bits and pieces though and a few journos have put stuff on their Instagrams.

Starting here:

This is a good link, with a nice short preview of what all of the players are up too, and there definitely sounds like a fun mix. The fashionable drink of the last year or so, gin, looks like being heavily involved in the Asda approach to Christmas, and this automatically means they are the early favourite to win the season for me.

The big loser from what I can see on that link is Iceland and Co-op.

At least Tesco have a video on Youtube:

Mouth-watering it is too…

I’m massively excited by this offering from Aldi:

a huge jeroboam of Giotti DOCG Prosecco

I had to look up “jeroboam” on Wikipedia. It’s 3 litres. THREE!

This’ll be no doubt well priced, probably decent tasting and a must have for Christmas lunch. The big question is how many people should I share it with (if any)?

UPDATE: This is a nice write up of the Aldi Christmas event:


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