Christmas TV 2017 – The Highway Rat

Well, there I was thinking the Doctor Who post will be enough for another month…and instead I’m back. I’m going to be looking around, finding out what’s going to be on TV and what’s going to be in our belly for the season over the next couple of months.

I kicked this off below with Doctor Who, now this is one for the real little un’s.

BBC One and Magic Light Pictures, the Oscar nominated and BAFTA award winning production and brand building company, has announced that an animated adaptation of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s children’s book The Highway Rat is in production and set to premiere on BBC One Christmas 2017.


The half hour animated special is the tale of a greedy rat who tyrannises animals along the highway, as he steals their food at every opportunity: clover from a rabbit, nuts from a squirrel, a leaf from some ants – he even steals his own horse’s hay. However what he really craves are cakes and all things sugary, and it’s his sweet tooth that finally leads him to a sticky outcome.

Sounds great fun for the kids this one.

Although what kind of word is “tyrannises“?? Apparently it means:

to rule or exercise power (over) in a cruel or oppressive manner

I had to look that up.

I’ll probably record this as it’s bound to be on at about 17:30 on Christmas Day then find half an hour to watch sometime before New Year (although I’ve still got the Jonathan Creek special from last year unwatched on my Sky Planner). Either way, this will probably be really good like the previous Julia Donaldson stories have been. My daughter is 14 now, so she’s really not bothered (far too cool for this of course) but a few years ago she’d have been all over it.

Full story here:

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