New Christmas Tat

So, I decided to get some of the stuff out of the Next Home Christmas book ordered. We’ve had a new conservatory built on the house this year so we effectively have a whole new room to decorate this year. While we’re at it, we also decided to get our wrapping paper and other essentials.

So, what did we get? Well, we ordered a canvas print that’s coming in a few weeks, but everything else has showed up:

We also got a twiggy tree thing which looks nice, but we’re not opening that up properly yet to look as it’ll never go back to as compact as it is now.

The pine cones are quite nice, fairly substantial and look quite nice and classy (in my view). The wooden house is a LOT more Halloweeny than I expected, quite a spooky looking thing for a Christmas decoration. It lights up too, AA batteries hurrah, we’ll see what that looks like another day. It’s also very very light, it’s just a bit of plywood really which is a bit disappointing for £20, but it looks nice enough.

We also picked up this thing:


No doubt it’ll stink…but it’s got to be better than the other smells you get at Christmas as a result of over-eating rich, sugary foods and drinking lots of alcohol. This will be the first thing that gets put out, early November, I think, as by January I’ll want rid of everything.

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