Morrisons Iced Mince Pies (2021)

I’ve never really been a fan of iced topped mince pies, I always feel they’re really cherry bakewells that feel left out at Christmas time and want a piece of the action. Let’s see though, these could surprise me…


Morrisons have a bit of standardised packaging going on this year, and this is another one of the crowd in the red box with some patterns and that drawing of a snowflake you did when you were five. Let’s take a closer look…

Is it Christmassy? Should I really moan at £1 a box?

5/10 – It’s literally…boring.


This is a funny old category for this sort of pie, they’re never going to be lovely looking unless you get excited about soft white icing. But at the same time, details matter.

Look closely, top left is that a dead fly in there? Or maybe the mincemeat is showing through the icing, who can tell?!?

In pure presentation terms here, each of these is decidedly imperfect, with the pastry flaking off and damaged. Now I haven’t been throwing these around, although maybe the supermarket have, but they really shouldn’t be like this.

Closer look…

4/10 – Messy, crumbling and absolutely no magic in their soul!


Surely things can only get better? The clue of the dead fly/excess mincemeat/thin icing conundrum above can be answered here.

Cut in half, this does show a deep filling. These pies aren’t very big, but it’s good to see them basically chocka full. The mincemeat is quite wet though so how long these survive on the shelves is a tricky question.

8/10 – Nicely full, but small pies and a wet finish.

Taste Test

So, how are they? Incredibly average.

Basically, right at the start I said these sort of mince pies are cherry bakewells that want to get involved in Christmas and I stand by it. Except, these don’t even have any hint of almond to give any excitement.

Let’s start with the pastry, well, it’s not very good. Really crumbly and soft, half of the pie is on the floor before you can eat it. Taste-wise, it’s ok, it’s not claggy, it melts in your mouth and I’ve had much worse. The filling itself is quite tangy and fruity, a reasonable bit of flavour about it for a cheap pie. Very little hit of anything alcoholic in the flavour, and we all know a mince pie with booze is a winning mince pie. The icing is soft and honestly, just tastes like congealed sugar. Which is not great, at all.

7/20 – Mincemeat fair, pastry very average, icing very poor. Overall, not good.


225 calories a pie, absolutely not worth it.


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