REVIEW: Harrods Classic Mince Pies

It’s been a quiet one this year, foot firmly off the gas, taking it slow. Welcome to December 2020, year of the Christmas Pandemic. What do we need? Some ridiculously decadent and expensive mince pies that’s what!


So, Harrods then. £10 for 6 fairly regular sized mince pies. First time in the few years of running this website, we’ve finally got our hands on the Harrods mince pies. What’s the box like? At first glance, average. To handle though, it’s clear it’s a little over the normal. The box is made of heavier quality cardboard, it’s got a little Sellotape keeping it together. Hell, it’s a lift off top of a box which says everything.

Frankly though, it’s not awfully Christmassy. There is a ‘H’ on a big red bauble, a little glittery texture on the bauble itself and some nice gold on red colouring generally. It screams classy not Christmassy.

There is a window on the box, showing the anaemic looking mince pies quite nicely.

8/10 – Classy as expected, window to the pies, heavy cardboard, a lack of Christmas sparkle


So, pale is a good description here. Under-baked maybe? Not convinced Paul Hollywood would be buzzing off the colour of them at least.

I think they’re really bland and boring looking to be quite honest.

The tray they sit in is nice, it’s always nice to have a lid on a box versus sliding them out. It’s set into cardboard as well, the ‘setting’ feels premium. It’s just the pies. Bland.

5/10 – The cardboard tray and box opening is lovely, the pies themselves are just dull


So far, so ordinary…what about the filling? Well, I’m here to tell you that this something quite special. How so? Check it:

Look how insanely stacked full that is. Wonderful stuff. The worry with such a full pie is leakage and soggy bottoms, not here. The mincemeat is actually much less ‘wet’ than you’re probably used too, laden as it is with sultanas and other fruit pieces.

The pie reaks of high-end booze, heavy on the unit count, I’m sure it’s dangerous even breathing deeply around these to be honest.

10/10 – Astonishingly magical

Taste Test

Now, the acid test, how does it all taste.

You know what, these are very very good. The pastry is crunchy and buttery, all at the same time. It is slightly under baked in my opinion, but I don’t think it distracts, it’s certainly not raw.

The magic of the filling hits you from the smell, the texture of the mincemeat and then the taste. And it’s all you hope for really, boozy, fruity and a real mince pie. These are every inch traditional flavoured and all the better for it.

Just on the texture, maybe there is a case to suggest it needs a little more moisture, so this could be a bit marmite for some.

18/20 – Outstanding flavours, I’d prefer a slightly more moist mincemeat and slightly longer baked pastry, but hard to fault really.

Overall Score

41/50 – A very high score…but you’ll over-pay for the privilege of eating them. Still, once a year right?

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