Mcvitie’s Gingerbread Chocolate Digestives

Chocolate Digestives are a staple. There I said it. As a kid, I got lumbered with the custard creams, my daughter is all about the chocolate bourbons but, if we’re all honest, chocolate digestives are the king! And here we are, with a Christmas version, this one with some Gingerbread flavouring.

You just want to know how they taste right?

You know what, they’re aren’t half bad. There is a very subtle aroma of gingerbread, it’s slight but it’s there and that’s enough to know these are a little different.

Biting into the biscuit, the immediate feeling though is of disappointment, the texture, the flavour really just feels like a regular chocolate digestive. Give it time though, and the gingerbread grows and you’re left with the feeling you’ve just eaten a genuine ginger biscuit.

All in all, big thumbs up for Christmas.

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