Premier League Football at Christmas

Did you know the Boxing Day games are all on Amazon this year for Christmas? If you are on Sky or BT, you will get nothing…zero, no football.

What games are on you ask?

Thursday, December 26th
Tottenham vs Brighton (12.30pm)
Aston Villa vs Norwich (3pm)
Bournemouth vs Arsenal (3pm)
Chelsea vs Southampton (3pm)
Crystal Palace vs West Ham (3pm)
Everton vs Burnley (3pm)
Sheffield United vs Watford (3pm)
Manchester United vs Newcastle (5.30pm)
Leicester vs Liverpool (8pm)

Friday, December 27th
Wolves vs Manchester City (7.45pm)

This season, Amazon have all of these games live. That’s ALL of these games. You can choose the game to watch (yes including all of the 3pms) and watch in full HD quality.

Yes I know this is like an advert. And it kind of is…but this might be news to a lot of people as this is the first time we’ve seen this in the Premier League.

Click here to get all signed up (and there are some games coming next week on here too):

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