REVIEW: Morrisons The Best All Butter Mince Pies (2019)

After all of the fancy types of flavoured pie, it’s nice to return to the real, traditional type of mince pie. So, here we have the 2019 offering from Morrisons. This is from their ‘The Best’ range, which is literally said with such certainty it can only disappoint. Let’s see…


First things first, the packaging is good. Some people think of Morrisons as a bit northern and not particularly fancy or elegant. Well, this packaging is one in the eye for people that think that…

Morrisons2019 - 4

Classy colours, a nice window onto the mince pies showing off their double star effect and a very classy colour scheme. For me, this is a winner in the classy pie box world cup!

9/10 – Maybe, just maybe needs a tiny bit more Christmas imagery


Let’s take these out of the box…

Morrisons2019 - 5

For a start, I love the tray colour. It’s grey, but it’s really just nice to see something different to the golds and red thin junk bits of plastic. It IS plastic, it’s about time we moved on from using plastic trays on the pies, but that’s fine, it’s a learning curve.

The best thing here is that the pies are super super pretty. I mean, they are just lovely to look at. The icing sugar does a lovely job setting them off, but I love the double star effect. They didn’t have to do that, but they did. Thumbs up and then some!

Morrisons2019 - 9

9/10 – Cor! Big scoring so far!


Having recently started attempting to switch out of meat and dairy products, I will never understand why they have to make things so confusing. The front of the pack says vegetarian, but here on the back it’s ‘May contain eggs…” and the ingredients lists milk everywhere. Now, I know the difference between vegan and vegetarian, but thought I’d whinge about it anyway!

Morrisons2019 - 1

What’s the filling like then?

Well, interestingly these mince pies are quite small, a bit like the Iceland thing but I didn’t find these quite as offensively shrunk so it’s not bothering me.

Morrisons2019 - 3

The filling itself is chunky and has a little hint of alcohol, there just really isn’t that much of it.

6/10 – Thinner than normal pies, not enough filling but what is there…is good!

Taste Test

So…the acid test!

Morrisons2019 - 2

And they are good, but not spectacular and not as good as the look promised.

The pastry is very nice, not really over-buttery which is often the way with the good pies, none of that clag in your mouth after eating them. In fact, some may consider the pastry a little dry.

The hint of booze in the filling is reasonable to give a notable flavour boost, but it’s not what you’d call potent.

These are so close, it’s hard to quite put your finger on why they just missed the mark.

Ah well. Onwards!

15/20 – Not bad, just not amazing like you want them to be looking at them!

Overall Score

39/50 – A big score for a smaller than average pie!

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