M&S Christmas Advert 2019

It’s that time of year and the Christmas adverts are all starting to pop up and everyone is banging on about how they can’t wait for the John Lewis advert before inevitably moaning about either how much it cost or how boring it is or how the don’t get it or how you can’t actually buy the piano… meh!

Anyway, let’s kick off some of the adverts this year with Marks and Spencer…

So what to say about this?

Well, when it started I was extremely fearful it’d be terrible (I mean…really really bad) but actually, it did grow on me a bit when everyone else started dancing around.

This country needs something to cheer us all up a bit at the minute and this has a bit of a go so fair play. I’d rather this than more ponderous, mopey man in the moon rubbish!

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