REVIEW: Waitrose Plum, Honey and Ginger Mince Pies (2019)

Waitrose have a pretty amazing selection of mince pie variants this year, this is the third type I’ve looked at already and there are plenty more to come over the next couple of weeks. This is a controversial one though…

Can you even consider  a mince pie with Plum, Honey and Ginger a mince pie? Let’s see…


It’s very on theme for the year, all of the good stuff from Waitrose this year has a consistent bit of branding throughout and it’s fairly pretty.

Waitrose-PlumHoney_Ginger - 10

The designer Christmas tree at the top right is pretty funky, the colour scheme overall is fine and it’s generally well presented.

There is a nice window in the box showing the pies but once again the wrapper of the pies is the protection of the window, rather than the box itself and I’m wrestling whether this is a good thing. I think it isn’t generally, you rip that getting at the pies, you’re in trouble.

8/10 – I like it, sue me!


What of the pies themselves?

Waitrose-PlumHoney_Ginger - 7

It’s a good even bake, they’re not falling apart, it’s a nice tight tray with no wasted space. But man alive, they do look a bit boring. Not just that, there is a pretty uneven use of sugar for the very minimal decoration involved here.

Waitrose-PlumHoney_Ginger - 1

5/10 – High quality boredom


One thing with these pies is they are pretty deep, I just know you’re hoping for them to be full and bursting with that flavoursome and very Christmassy plum jam right? Right?

Waitrose-PlumHoney_Ginger - 1 (1)

It’s not bad, it’s fairly full up with filling, there are good chunks of whatever it is cos it isn’t mincemeat filling. There is no notable smell really though, a theme this year so far is I’m struggling to find the booze factor!

Waitrose-PlumHoney_Ginger - 11

This definitely seems to say it’s proper mincemeat. But there is a plum jam thing in there.

Some thoughts on plum jam then, before we move on. Do a Google search on plum jam (go on, I’ll wait). You’ll see loads of recipes for it, many of which suggest this is an autumnal thing rather than a Christmas thing. I did see one talking about cinnamon plum jam, which sounds quite interesting, but by and large this isn’t a Christmas thing. I’ll tell you too, honey is a spring thing (the bees see) and ginger just exists whenever. So I’m struggling with this overall as a flavour for Christmas generally. One to think about if you’re a traditional flag-waving ultra-Christmasist!

Anyway, I’m rating this on the basis you think this belongs and I offer no further comment.

8/10 – It’s deep and plenty of fruity bits

Taste Test

Waitrose-PlumHoney_Ginger - 4

I’m torn. I really am.

They are not unpleasant to eat, they have a sweet flavour. Much sweeter than a regular mince pie, but there is something strange about it. Like the flavour you get isn’t the flavour you expect.

The plum comes through loud and clear by the way, it’s definitely different to the average mince pie and variety is good. There is literally no hint of booze here, or the honey or ginger they shout amount (at least, not to me). The plum really is winning this flavour-war!

The pastry is good, it’s well baked and not at all claggy on your palette, crumbling well in your mouth without being too dry.

This is tough to score, but because they’re not unpleasant and despite me definitely preferring a strong boozy traditionally flavoured mince pie, this is good.

15/20 – Yeah, I’m surprised too


This isn’t bad overall, but your mileage may vary here depending on your feelings for plum jam!



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