REVIEW: Waitrose All Butter Mini Mince Pie Selection (2019)

Another day, another mince pie review. We are back to Waitrose, but this time with a mini selection. I did actually ponder if it belongs in the league table, and in the end, since I make these rules, I decided it did. The main reason being we have actual mince pies called out among this selection see:

Waitrose-MincePieMiniSelection - 5

So, here we have 3 Amaretto Frangipane Pies, 3 Orange and Juniper Mince Pies and 3 Caramelised Hazelnut Topped  ‘Baklava’ Pies.

Also, so annoyingly, this one has a long name… it won’t fit on the league table properly. That’s my OCD all shot to bits now! I am tempted to mark down on this basis.

Anyway, on with the review…


I quite like this. Yes, I really do.

Waitrose-MincePieMiniSelection - 7

The packaging is a nice very light grey, easily mistook for a light snowfall colour and the lovely Christmas tree design on the top is very pretty.

There is a nice window to the pies, well arranged so it shows you each of the pies.

I do dislike that the pies are sealed in their own bag though, means you have to look after that plastic bag if you don’t eat them all at once!

8/10 – Yes, it’s good. Very good.


A mixed bag here (obviously, but I mean in terms of presentation duh!).

Waitrose-MincePieMiniSelection - 8

Can you guess which is which?

Part of me wanted a massive label on each row to tell me, it’s probably obvious really but people like me exist and are simple!

To be clear…top to bottom it is:

  • Caramelised Hazelnut Topped  ‘Baklava’ Pies.
  • Orange and Juniper Mince Pies
  • Amaretto Frangipane Pies

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only one that gives me concern here is the actual only mince pie. The shape is just so boring, completely plain on top, no sugar sprinkles, nothing pretty and worse, the lid is misaligned a little on two of them.

The other two pies do look pretty enough, but as they’re not mince pies it’s hardly fair to be critical of them. I have no idea what a Baklava is supposed to look like, so this might be perfect to me.



Once more, a mixed bag here. Before we look inside, let’s see the ingredients and nutritional info. I’m not quite sure how 3 different pies all have identical nutritional information, I reckon this might just be an average.


Anyway, the filling is about what you might expect for the three pies:

Waitrose-MincePieMiniSelection - 1

Waitrose-MincePieMiniSelection - 12

Waitrose-MincePieMiniSelection - 15


Taste Test

In terms of taste, hands down the Amaretto Frangipane Pies were my favourite. Except, they tasted like a Bakewell tart more than something Christmassy.

There is no appreciable smell of any alcohol or even particularly strong fruit from any of these either.

Waitrose-MincePieMiniSelection - 9

The Mince Pie is very orangey, like, really orangey. I know that we like a bit of orange peel or similar in a mince pie sometimes, and a hint of it is great, but this is like orange overload.

The Baklava is actually a little bit tasteless, so much so it’s impossible to describe.

Seriously, the Frangipane Pies save this selection.



Disappointing then. The packaging is nailed, but everything else less so.



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