REVIEW: Waitrose All-Butter Mince Pies (2019)

I last had a Waitrose Mince Pie in 2016, the very first year of doing this blog. That review is here if you want to check it out:

Since switching my online supermarket of choice this year from Sainsbury’s to Ocado, I’ve been eager to try out some of the more interesting mince pies, but before I give Harvey Nichols and some of the others a go, Waitrose have a good range of mince pies to munch through first.


This packaging is boring.

It’s kind of classy, but lacks that Christmas sparkle for me. It’s a nice colour, and the gold(ish) writing of ‘Waitrose’ is nice, but it’s all a bit meh!

Waitrose-MincePieAllButter - 11

A couple of big windows in the box though so they’re clearly relying on the pies to give it a bit of decoration. It sort of works as the pies are nicely patterned and, if you refer back to the packaging on these in the 2016 review, there was no window and the pies were completely plain on top.

The pies are obviously in a plastic sleeve, which is deeply frustrating as the box itself has openings where the window is onto the plastic sleeve. Meaning the box is basically useless if you rip the plastic sleeve (I did).

So I’m actually torn, because it’s not unpleasant, but I just want more ooomph!

5/10 – It’s ok, the pies look pretty which only goes so far! Slightly useless box if you rip the plastic sleeve keeping the pies fresh.


Looking at the pies, they aren’t exactly even are they?

Waitrose-MincePieAllButter - 10

I really like the snowflake pattern on top, the sprinkle of sugar is pleasant, but they are pretty uneven. Uneven both in terms of the evenness of the bake, some edges are dark, some aren’t and the uneven positioning of the lid of the pie.

Waitrose-MincePieAllButter - 9

5/10 – A real mixed bag, pretty patterns need to be matched with better quality control on the baking.


Let’s have a look what’s in here…

Waitrose-MincePieAllButter - 8

I might be wrong, but I don’t see palm oil here. And unlike some, they don’t crow about it.

Good to see brandy featuring here too.

Waitrose-MincePieAllButter - 1

The filling is a little bit wet frankly, and has an extraordinarily sweet aroma about it. There are reasonable lumps of mincemeat in here though, big chunks of sultanas. Despite the brandy though, I wouldn’t call it particularly boozy.

5/10 – It’s alright, bit wet, nice and chunky but massively over-sweetened.

Taste Test

The real test is about how it tastes. It’s been an average set of scores so far, can we get a total change here?


Waitrose-MincePieAllButter - 5

I’ve tried these cold and warmed up too, going to real lengths to make sure of the taste test accuracy.

These are just massively disappointing. For me, too sweet. The filling feels like it’s got a smidge too much sugar or not quite enough brandy. There is something missing here.

The pastry isn’t bad in fairness, buttery but not that sticking in your mouth type of buttery.

10/20 – Just too sweet, lacking the booziness it needs to give them a proper kick.


A stunning flop sadly.



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