REVIEW: Waitrose Mince Pie Fudge

Yes, fudge. In a vaguely mince pie flavour. One could ask, how can this be particularly different to rum and raisin? Well, let me tell you, it is quite different.

Waitrose-MincePieFudge - 8

The box itself is small and light, only 130g so there’s not a lot here. Worth noting, as the image below shows, a cool 443 calories per 100g. Basically, this is a meal worth of calories in the box.

And worse, 73.9grams of sugar per 100g. That’s more than a sensible days worth.

The message is clear…eat in moderation!

Waitrose-MincePieFudge - 2

Opening the box, reveals a plastic bag keeping them fresh. Now, the real question here, are these bags going to end up in a whale’s stomach? It’s entirely possible, so if reducing plastic usage is your thing, shout at Waitrose.

Waitrose-MincePieFudge - 6

Opening the bag (I’m dragging this out, there’s not a lot to say)…

Waitrose-MincePieFudge - 1

Help I have a dead fly on my fudge…no, it’s a raisin, or a sultana, or something like that. Anyway, it’s not a dead fly.

Something interesting though, when opening the bag, there is a really potent whiff of sugar and alcohol from inside, and I think this is the reason for the plastic to be honest. These are basically soaked in booze.

The fudge is very soft, very moist and exceptionally sweet. In fact, so sweet that remember how I mentioned moderation earlier? These are self-moderating. There is no chance you’ll want to chomp chomp chomp on them, they’re far too sweet and boozy for that. One or two and you feel like you’ve had your daily sweet treat wrapped in a tiny bundle.

So, to conclude, if you like your fudge extra sweet, if you like rum and raisin fudge but want something with more oomph, these are worth your time. Otherwise, maybe look elsewhere for your sweet Christmas treats.

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