91C1EbRUn3L._RI_This is one of those movies that’s sickly sweet, ridiculously stupid and full of kids.

In other words, it’s a real, proper Christmas movie, and it’s British at that meaning, a bit like Love Actually, a lot of the stuff here is recognisable and identifiable.

Martin Freeman shows up as a teacher. Now, I used to like Martin Freeman, when Sherlock first started, when he did the bit in Love Actually, and of course, The Office was just amazing. And he’s alright in this to be fair, but you just can’t shake the Vodafone feeling these days, along with the morbid recent episodes of Sherlock where he’s just dull.

The story here is the school are trying to put on a proper Nativity play and are competing against a neighbouring school. It’s that simple, but it works and it’s fun.

The undoubted standout here is the assistant, who mentally is about the children’s age and is very amusing. But I have to admit, once seen once I can’t ever imagine watching this again and I have no inclination whatsoever to watch the two sequels.