91HELdHcyZL._RI_Saw The Holiday the first time a good few years ago, I wasn’t optimistic. I was hounded into it by my wife and I genuinely expected to need a sick bucket and to watch some vaguely Christmassy slush!

And in a way I was right, but you know what, I really enjoyed it.

Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black all put in performances that , while not career highs, I haven’t seen them in such likeable character roles ever before.

The movie centres around Diaz and Winslet doing a home swap for Christmas, both of them suddenly single. And both have a holiday romance (who knew!). It’s more entertaining than it sounds, and there are some really sweet Christmassy, and wintery scenes!

Put the cynicism to one side for a bit and settle down one evening in the next week and watch this if you’re in the mood for a nice romcom.