December 16th: The Santa Clause

poster-780Tim Allen pops up in a good few Christmas movies and always raises a smile.

This is a real genuine classic, although you do have to wonder how kids would take the idea that during the course of the film, the original Santa Claus actually dies by falling off a roof!

It bothered me anyway.

Still, the story centres on the death of Santa and Tim Allen’s character picking up the contract to be the next Santa. Well, clearly he’s not interested, and spends the majority of the year getting fat, drinking milk and growing a beard before eventually buying into it and going to the North Pole. There is a whole thing with his kid (he’s divorced etc.) and it’s all really sweet and seasonal.

There are some real comic highlights too, especially the scenes where he’s desperately trying to lose weight and it just keeps coming back. The writer of this blog can identify with this problem!


This is actually a pretty magical film, don’t be influenced by the infinitely inferior sequels, especially the 3rd one. This is a really great example of a relatively modern day Christmas class.


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