December 8th: A Christmas Story

downloadA Christmas Story is possibly the most ‘American’ movie for Christmas in my head. Why I’m not sure, maybe it’s because it’s all about a kid wanting a rifle (alright, a BB gun) for a Christmas present and in the UK, we don’t really DO guns and even less so these days. But saying that, that childish want for that one thing at Christmas, that insatiable need for that one present, it still resonates.

It wasn’t massively successful on release and maybe it just never worked over here. I know it pops up on Channel 5 or something every year these days though, which is a real waste!

There really is a tremendous amount to genuinely love about this film and I feel like I’ve missed out having only watched it for the first time a couple of years ago.

The whole story of his adventure of wanting the rifle, going to school, meeting his friends and enemies, trying to meet Santa, his brother, his parents all of it. It’s just great fun throughout, providing knowing gentle laughs along with a few moments of genuinely big belly laughs.

And this film has cultural firsts you may not even realise, the tongue on the frozen lamppost thing, this is where it started…


And honestly, that whole sequence (‘I triple dog-dare you!’) does raise a good giggle.

For me though, I love that the film is narrated like it’s Grandad telling the grandchildren6JLNZE5T7Y2KDLZMES3M6747QY of his adventures. The leg lamp, meeting Santa ‘You’ll have your eye out’, the f-word, the pink outfit and so many more great moments that even if you’ve not seen the movie, you just ‘know’.

So, there you go, in the UK this is a hidden gem, go and watch it, like today!

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