December 7th: Elf

f57fef9e27ec21765c6669ee9dc055b7For some people, Elf is literally the perfect Christmas movie. I’m not some people but I will say that I don’t dislike it, I just don’t quite get all of the love it gets.

So, the story here is that Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy, has a real Mum and Dad. At Christmas in an orphanage one year as a small baby, he crawled into Santa’s sack and ended up in the North Pole with the elves. They adopted him and treated him as one of their own.

As anyone different will know, when you’re different you get picked on, and so it proves with Buddy who gets picked on for being human sized.

The special effects during this bit are actually super clever and work really well at conveying Buddy to be normal sized while all around are tiny. This is my favourite bit of the movie.


He then goes to New York on a mission to find his Dad, who is played by James Caan and is a nasty executive (aren’t they all eh?).

Here then follows a bit of a Will Ferrell tour de force of overacting as he discovers how humans do Christmas for real and stuff happens, including Buddy saving Christmas (because why not right).


It’s actually a very traditional format of Christmas movie with a clever twist of the human elf. It’s also sweet how he breaks down his Dad’s nastiness and makes him realise what Christmas is again.

As I write this I realise this is actually pretty good fun, it smashes through the six laugh test and is very likely Will Ferrell’s best movie (can I count Lego Movie? If I can, that’s better in my book).

So, in conclusion, it’s good, it’s fine, but I really wish people would stop obsessing over what channel it’s on this Christmas and getting all angry and turning into a Daily Mail commenter when it’s on Amazon Prime or Netflix instead of Channel 4!

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