December 6th: Deck the Halls

poster-780Deck the Halls is that movie that you know is bad. You know it wants to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or Christmas with the Kranks or Elf or Home Alone. It might even want to be Jingle all the Way. Imagine that, your aspiration is to be as ‘good’ as Jingle all the Way.

It’s not.

This is just plain trying too hard to be funny.

But you know what the worst thing about it all is? I still enjoy it. I’ve still watched it about five times. It still occasionally makes me chuckle (scraping the six laugh test if I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine).

What’s it about? Well, Matthew Broderick is a regular bloke, in an enormous house (they always are), and across the street Danny DeVito moves in. Who decides to start decorating his house, more and more and more and more. Think of that scene in Christmas Vacation when they finally get the lights working, take that scene, stretch it out to 90 minutes.


They end up falling out, while the wives get on just fine and think the husbands need to get their heads sorted.


To be honest, I find it hard to recommend this movie to anyone, there are 23 better movies in this advent calendar of movies, but this is perfectly fine really as filler.

And it’s a million times better than Surviving Christmas!

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