December 4th: Die Hard

MV5BZjRlNDUxZjAtOGQ4OC00OTNlLTgxNmQtYTBmMDgwZmNmNjkxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzkwMjQ5NzM@._V1_No change of pace for the movies, fresh off a bit of horror, we’re jumping two footed into one of the greatest action movies of all time which also just happens to be a Christmas movie…or is it?

So, even as I write this there are polls all over Twitter and Facebook right now asking the annual question of ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?’. And even last year, I did a post that was the top movies about Christmas, not just set at Christmas. And honestly, Die Hard is not ABOUT Christmas, but, and here is the truth of it…it IS a Christmas movie.

BOOM, controversy!

Ok, here goes with some reasoning:

  1. John McClane goes to LA to see his wife and kids for Christmas
  2. He is taking them a massive bear as a present for Christmas
  3. He joins his wife at her office Christmas party (all Christmas parties in movies are on Christmas Eve in the office, which has never happened, ever!)
  4. His wife’s name is HOLLY!!
  5. There is Christmas music throughout.
  6. The gun at the end is stuck to McClane with Christmas parcel tape.
  7. ‘Now I have a machine gun…HO HO HO’


Right there are just seven outstanding reasons why this is a Christmas movie.

I don’t need to tell you the plot do I? John McClane, aka Bruce Willis, rocks up at his wife’s Christmas party on Christmas eve. At the same time, the late, great Alan Rickman turns up to rob the place.

Bruce, bare-footed running over glass for the majority of the movie, spends the next hour or so, taking out the bad guys one by one helped by his cop friend outside. When SWAT and the FBI (Johnson and Johnson) show up to mess things up, everything gets louder and messier.


Christmas is an excuse to watch this, but it’s great all year round.

Welcome to the party pal!

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