December 1st: Christmas with the Kranks

KranksI really really genuinely openly love this movie with all of my soul. There I said it. Every critic seems to really hate it, but I just can’t see it. It’s incredibly innocent, has a sweet heart right in the centre and in the end, Luthor Krank (Tim Allen) realises that Christmas is about family and doing what’s right in the end.

That said… this is a film that is not without some serious flaws and question marks and the more you watch it, the worse they do appear.

Here be spoilers, you have been warned…

The set-up here is that the Kranks have a spoiled brat of a daughter who is going off to join the peace core (I mean what!) in Peru over Christmas. This leaves the poor Kranks childless for Christmas and depressed.


After a spot of calculating, Luthor works out they spend thousands on Christmas decorations, trees, baubles, charity, cards and other junk. Luthor decides to skip Christmas entirely, go on a cruise to the Bahamas over the Christmas period, flying on Christmas Day!

This goes down badly in the neighbourhood, with various increasingly stupid, but funny, mis-adventures happening. Then, on Christmas Eve, the selfish, spoiled brat of a daughter rings home and says she’s just landed in Miami (she’s been away for something like four weeks by now). Not just that, this selfish brat has dragged along a boyfriend she’s known for no time at all, and she announces over the phone that they’re getting married.

I just want to do a massive eye rolling emoji right now!


Well, Nora Krank, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, decides not to tell the daughter that they are going away, and suddenly they have to get a massive party together for Christmas Eve night. Luckily the neighbours intervene and despite Luthor having a good old sulk, it all works out. Luthor works out what Christmas means at the end.

Remember folks, your kids can literally ruin all of your fun!

In fairness, there are a lot of good bits in this movie and some of the scenes, like the botox scene, always make me laugh out loud. It’s a touch dated now though, coming just before the iPhone era. These days they’d be following the daughter’s instagram of her adventures in Peru and they’d know full well she’s on her way home.

Anyway, we always watch this at the beginning of December, so it deserves it’s place on the 1st December as the first of the The Mince Pie Movie Advent Countdown.

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