REVIEW: Selfridges Traditional Mince Pies (2018)

Now then, a nice rare treat today, with some premium mince pies from Selfridges. These cost £9.95, so almost £2 per pie, and at that price they will need to be punching up at Fortnum and Mason levels. Let’s see shall we…


In terms of packaging, these are unusual.

Selfridges - 10

The box is a more traditional effort, you could be fooled into thinking they are bakery pies, but they aren’t. The centre piece is an o-ring that you can slide off the box and the box has a lid that is sellotaped down. It’s unusual to see, most have the side opening slidey out tray, but the tray here is integral.

The pies look super pretty through the window which is a good job, because the rest of the box has nothing Christmassy about it whatsoever. If the box didn’t say Mince Pies, these could be bakewell tarts or something.

5/10 – Not Christmassy, but strangely still nice


Selfridges - 1

Opening the box doesn’t really reveal much, considering the size of the window in the box shows everything you need to see.

The icing sugar is spread liberally around, leaving quite a nice decoration on the pies and they do look very even.

Selfridges - 5

There isn’t a whole to say here while they’re in the box, they do look very pretty.

Selfridges - 9

What IS noticeable is how small these are for the money. At least the F&M pies are massive, these are very much normal mince pie sized and for £9.95, that feels a bit much.

8/10 – Extremely pretty and well presented, but small at the cost


One thing you don’t get with these pies is much of a boozy aroma, they smell sweet and fruity though and the filling is very much of that nature.

Biting into these, the filling is chunky and, dare I say it, more like a mince paste with chunks in. That sounds disgusting, but it’s not, this is just not like the normal sort of mince pie with the wet mincemeat. I think it’s fair to say, you’re not getting soggy bottoms with this filling.

7/10 – Fruity, chunky and not like a wet muck

Taste Test

The top of these pies is baked with almonds, leaving a crunchy finish, sweetened by the icing sugar. Biting into the pie gives a satisfying crunch and the rest of the pastry is a little buttery but has no aftertaste and isn’t slimy at all.

Selfridges - 4

The filling is thick, there is lots of it, and it mixes with the pastry really well. The filling tastes sweet and fruity with rare, occasional hits of brandy.

The flavour is quite unusual, being heavily citrus-based, the orange peel not being visible, but making its presence felt. It’s got to be said, these are lovely flavoured overall. There is no aftertaste, no over sweetness, they are just really nice. Not what I’d call traditional, but I’d be very happy to have these on my table over Christmas.

18/20 – Excellent flavours, if unusual and not so much traditional


So overall then, these are quite good. I can’t recommend them though, they need to be about half the price and if you’re spending this amount on mince pies, just go and get the Fortnum and Mason ones instead.



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