Christmas Adverts 2018 – Part 4

You bored of these yet?

You want more mince pie reviews instead? To be honest, the mince pie reviews do seem to be the things that Google finds, all of these articles are just bulk to the blog. Still, whatever right, I like doing them.

Let’s start with the biggie, the John Lewis advert!


Brilliant, just brilliant! Twitter has a lot (a lot lot) of faults, but their marketing team have pulled some magic out here. This is great, and yes, I do believe this is the real actual John Lewis. I used to think poor fella, but now he’s like literally famous!

Still, get on his Twitter feed @JohnLewis because it really is gold!

John Lewis & Partners

Oh alright then!

Mrs Mince Pie is not a fan of this, although she does like Elton John. I like it, it’s sweet and I’ve watched it a few times now without getting bored. Maybe it’s because it’s a great song. I can’t even make many snidey remarks about it either, although honestly, who buys their kid a big piano like that at that age! Well, Elton’s parents obviously, but apart from that, really?


For whatever reason, Tesco adverts on Youtube tend to attract the professionally offended, mentals, xenophobes and racists of society to the comments. In the spirit of Christmas, please die off and let the civilised people get on with just generally enjoying life without worrying about what colour someone’s skin is or what their religion is!

Everyone is welcome, love to all.


What’s this, a proper Currys/PCWorld advert for Christmas, a first since the Jeff Goldblum ones if memory serves.

Well, that was actually great!

Really a brilliant advert, and whoever decided on the Wimbledon v MK bit and the scoreline really should be rewarded. This is a lovely bit of imaginative work and a real quality Christmas advert.


American owned, palm oil using Cadbury…

This is quite fun actually, love the little kid under the bed at the end, amusing.

As standard though, any time you talk about Cadbury you just have to say ‘it’s not as good as it used to be’. And I still won’t forgive them for the current state of Cadbury Roses which are an actual disgrace!

I also notice comments are disabled on this video, good, wish everyone would do the same. Youtube really does have a problem, it’s hugely depressing!

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