Christmas Adverts 2018 – Part 3

We’re cooking on gas now, part 3 of the Christmas advert round up for 2018…and guess what, another one where I’m not including John Lewis!

Let’s crack on!


So this is almost as soppy as adverts get really. Nearly as much as the Sky Cinema one from last year. I really don’t love this, but it’s definitely going to affect some people I reckon (Mums basically)!

For me though, I’d be proper annoyed just to get some cheap Boots lippy for Christmas!


You know…I’m a bit simple really. Somehow it never ever clicked for me that John Lewis and Waitrose are the same company. Maybe because they’ve always been quite seperate, but this is the most overt thing I’ve seen that links the two. Maybe they figured they needed to get their moneys worth out of Elton John…

Still, it’s vaguely amusing if a bit too much of a John Lewis advert love-in!


There’s a bit of a trend, one good year, one bad year for some companies and Christmas adverts. This is an off year for Asda, all a bit non-descript for me even if it looks all glossy and Christmassy. Last year they did the clever riff on Charlie and the Chocolate factory and that level of imagination is infinitely preferable to this.

If you’ve had the misfortune to be in a Cineworld watching some of the recent films too, you’ll have had this advert chucked at you every time. As the owner of a Cineworld Unlimited card, I’m starting to feel a bit like this advert just needs to go away forever!

Sky Cinema

Last year, they smashed it. They did that think with the kid growing up and becoming a parent and all that…heart warming and sickly sweet, it was actually really great and my favourite of 2017.

Not so much this year, another company on an off-year! This is just about the movies they have, ultra-generic and nothing emotionally attaching at all.

Meh, so disappointing.


These tend to be consistent every year, never smashing it, but never blowing it.

Nice to hear a good Yorkshire accent on the kid in this one. Don’t try to read much into it though, it’s just another nicely delivered bit of genericism. And yes, that is a word, look it up!

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