Christmas Adverts 2018 – Part 2

Alright then, after getting all preachy about palm oil thanks to the Iceland advert, they’re now in my bad books again after tasting their mince pies. So…let’s pick out 5 of the more interesting Christmas adverts so far and make some snidey comments about them…


What? This is a crime surely, starting this selection with a Maccie D? Well…actually…

Well actually, whatever you think of McDonalds and their customers (if you’re a bit snobby), put all that to one side. This advert is really quite sweet and extremely Christmassy. I like it a whole lot.

But I will never buy carrots sticks from McDonalds, I mean, really, you do not go there for that ever. Don’t forget the carrots though on Christmas Eve, that’s pretty important!


Often at the top of the charts for their Christmas adverts, this year they’ve dropped another smash hit…

Love the awkwardness at the beginning building to a crescendo at the end. My favourite is the kid at the end though missing the curtain closing, a lovely sweet touch.

It’s not massively Christmassy though, despite the giant tree in the background and stuff, but it’s all good. This is a real good addition to the 2018 selections.


As I write this, it looks like M&S are getting a bit of stick about this advert this year. As a member of the male side of the divide I realise that I might be taken wrong on this, but no matter…some people really should settle down and stop being professionally offended by stuff that is really quite harmless. M&S have sold underwear like forever, it’s prominent on their website. As a parent of a teenage girl, I really cannot see anything to be offended about by putting pictures OF THE STUFF YOU SELL in a window or on adverts.

Anyway…Holly Willoughby isn’t right for this advert in my book, but it’s alright. I’m only including it here because I wanted the little mini-rant above.


An odd selection tonight, but I’m more interested in everything that isn’t the John Lewis advert. This one by KFC, not a company I actually ever remember doing a Christmas advert before, is an actual cracker (Christmas pun intended, see what I did there).

I reckon I may just have a Zinger Tower on Christmas Eve thanks to this!


Right, so there are a few Aldi adverts for Christmas, they’re really pushing this Kevin the Carrot stuff. This is a really fun advert and I laughed out loud at the nut gag.

Lovely work this, amusing and sweet and very Christmassy.

And that’s it for tonight, be sure to check back in a couple of days for Part 3 of the advert round up.

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