Coop Puff Pastry Mince Pies with Brandy (2018)

There I was, in the local Coop buying my regular supply of alcohol and microwaveable meals…I thought I’d have a peak around the corner and there they were, patiently waiting on the shelf, unloved. I decided I could help, and picked them up.

And now, here we are, ready to review yet another mince pie!

PuffPastry - 1


Packaging on bakery products is pointless to judge. The sealing sticker is pretty festive…erm…yeah thats it.

5/10 – I can’t be too harsh, there’s nothing wrong with it for bakery.


So, again, the way these are presented is hard to rate. They’re in a plastic case, you can even see one of the ones in the box was knocked out of place already.

After opening it up, I straightened them out…

PuffPastry - 5

To be honest, I think these are really quite pretty. The sugar is baked heavily into the puff pastry and looks good. They’re arrange nice in the box.

7/10 – Very nice arrangement, look good considering what they actually are


So, obviously these being puff pastry things, the filling is going to be arranged in a different to normal way. And so it proves…

PuffPastry - 10

This is surprisingly generous. The last time I had some of these a couple of years ago I think someone forgot the mincemeat filling. This time, yeah, there it is.

It’s not particularly fruity though, and doesn’t smell overly potent, despite the brandy claim.

6/10 – Better than expected for the type of pie, but looks low quality

Taste Test

Ok, this is where it’s really at for this thing.

PuffPastry - 9

It does look like a glorious piece of work. There is a little leakage here actually, but curiously this doesn’t seem to matter with the overall design.

Biting in, the pie is crunchy on top with the sugar. It’s flaky, but happily never dry. In fact, it’s puff pastry nailed! Biting into the mince meat, and there is a satisfying alcohol taste. You can definitely pick up the brandy flavour, even if the smell is weak.

The mixture of pastry and filling together is good, and they are sweet without being too much. Surprisingly impressive.

17/20 – I really enjoyed these, a sweet treat. Would be a nice alternative on a buffet spread too.


Well, as usual, bakery items are never winning.

But it’s impressive still and these are recommended for something a bit different.



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