Recap Top 5 UK Christmas Adverts 2017

To kick off this season of posts, I thought I’d write a little recap of the top 5 Christmas adverts from 2017. When I say top 5, I actually mean my favourites, there are literally no statistics here…

So, with no further delay:

John Lewis

For me, this is not quite vintage John Lewis Christmas advert level, but it’s definitely grown on me since I last watched it. Maybe I’m a bit softer than I was.


It’s quite simple, yet the song is catchy and upbeat. For me, sometimes simple is effective and you don’t need to go for full arty or movie style production values. This works because it’s pretty fun.


Genuinely thought Asda knocked it out of the park last year. This homage to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is just perfect, amusing without being silly, cute without making you want to puke…nailed for me as perhaps the best of the year.

Marks and Spencer

Proof that a mega-budget advert, with movie production values doesn’t always equal pure gold. This for me is over-rated, but it is very Christmassy and I’ve had a Paddington bear for 40 years so it’s a bit sentimental for me.


Seriously cute…high production values too. Not a lot to say here, but it’s a very very good advert.

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