REVIEW: Lime Tree Pantry Mince Pies

Now…look…I know you’ve not heard of them…but check out the website here:

I picked up a box of these from the Hardwick Hall Food and Drink Festival where the Lime Tree Pantry folk had a stand. I was told by the lady on the stand that these pies are the very same as those you can get from a Thornton’s Cafe. Which, depending on your point of view, could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Let’s crack on anyway…

Let’s just say this is on brand for Lime Tree…


It’s not Christmassy, the end.

At least there is a window to the pie so you can see what you’re getting.

4/10 – It’s a local type of bakery, feels harsh to criticise too much.

One of the interesting things about these pies is the total utter lack of a tray. That’s right, there are six pies in the box, completely loose.

Is that something worth marking them down for? I’m not sure, but let’s take a look at the pies themselves:


All six totally identical, extremely pretty with the star on top and a nice sprinkle of icing sugar to colour it up.

It’s a very even looking bake too, very evenly baked.

9/10 – Would have been perfect with a tray I think…even a cheapo red one!

This is a very full pie.


You can see on the picture above, the filling is filling up the pie and the star sits on top, no air gaps in these things.

The mincemeat filling is very chunky, doesn’t have a particularly potent boozy smell, but it looks substantial.

8/10 – An excellent amount of filling with what appears high quality filling.

Taste Test
This is it then…how do they taste…

Not boozy. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, they are cafe mince pies really and supposed to appeal to a wide audience and go well with a flat white.

The pastry is solid and tasty, there is a buttery edge but it’s not the kind of pie that sticks in your mouth and needs washing away.

The filling is fruity and tasty, but as I say, misses a real kick but it’s very pleasant.

In the house though, there was a mixed opinion, I was a little more enthused than others who thought it was a little tasteless.

16/20 – It’s good, but lacks some punch in the filling

A local bakery with a mince pie, apparently used in the Thorntons cafe’s, that scores well is definitely a good thing. Stunningly good quality baking, if they could drop a little bit of brandy or some other warm and fuzzy alcohol flavour…this would be top drawer.

As it is, it’s still right up there!



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