Christmas Links

Christmas is a family time of year, and across the Internet there is a rather large family of websites loving a bit of Christmas. I thought it’d be worthwhile bringing together my favourite places online into one place. So here goes:

Christmas UK –
Pretty sure this is the best of them all, comes alive from September really and gets a lot of the good stuff first. A great resource for Christmas.

Digital Spy Christmas Radio Times Thread –
Opens fresh every year and is a great way to keep up to date with the new things happening. There are quizzes and stuff. Also, how else do we find out when Radio Times is coming out.

UK Christmas TV –
This amazing resource keeps copies of the TV listings and covers of the Radio Times and TV Times from years gone past.

NORAD Santa –
Surely everyone knows this one by now. If you have kids, get on here from December 1st and follow what happens. On Christmas Eve, you can literally track Santa as he flies around the world.

UK Christmas Reddit –
Just another Reddit really…but still…

Under the Christmas Tree –
Fairly new on me this one for this year, but looks like a very good website, lots of food news and toy news.

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