Sainsbury’s Deep Filled Mince Pies

3rd Sainsbury’s entry of the 2017 Mince Pie season…these are slightly more budget line, but as we’ve seen before, that doesn’t always make that much difference, at least, not in taste…let’s see.


Well, to begin with, the box is really pretty. Hands down, this is lovely. Perfect colours, lovely Christmas scene, the sprig of holly…yeah, winner.

And I know there isn’t a window to the pies, but I’m starting to wonder if I really care.

9/10 – Sainsbury’s really are smashing it out of the park this year!

This tends to be the bit where the cheaper pies are let down I always find. In fairness, it’s probably a good thing that cheap pies have cheap packaging and nothing fancy in the box, the win is the flavours I guess.


Having said that, a little like my photography skills, these are a bit of a mess.

No I didn’t chuck the box around, maybe I’m unlucky but these are a bit scruffy.

The traditional hallmark of cheap pies, the red tray, is in play here but the real concern is the cracked and broken pastry, especially on the end pies on the left of the picture. The bottom right is sunk a bit too. The bit of holly on top is nice enough, but it’s a disappointing view inside here.

4/10 – Messy in the box disappointing after the great impression of the box itself.

Of all of the sections in these reviews, this one is the hardest. If I had to start again, I’d bin this off and go for taste out of 30. But we’re a year down the line here and I’ve made my bed now.


It’s well filled, although the filling is a bit Mr Kipling generally.

I don’t review Mr Kipling pies, call me snobby if you like, but I’ve always found Mr Kipling pies to be exceedingly processed muck.

These do have a little boozy flavour to them though, so they are a bit better, but there is something distinctly processed, squeezed out of a mettle tube about these things.

5/10 – It’s not offensive, it’s fine for the after dinner in a cheap gastro pub, but chunky and fruity it is not.

Taste Test
As I touched on above, the filling is not great.


But it is not awful, and again as I said above, it reminds me of the kind of mince pie that you get when you’re at the pub, irritated by the kids running around in the adult bit when they should be in the kid bit, having a bit of a family pre-Christmas meal on the 30th of November, having the microwaved turkey and the microwaved Christmas pudding with the UHT brandy sauce…followed by a coffee, an After Six (the Home Bargains version of an After Eight) and a mince pie. This is that mince pie.

It’s not offensive, but it’s flavourless and easy to eat enough that you can manage it easily despite consuming in excess of 2000 calories in a single meal.

10/20 – Inoffensive, but literally does nothing

There is a place for pies like this every Christmas. Not my house though.



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