Full steam ahead now on the mince pies, it’s time for the big guns to come out from Sainsbury’s.


The packaging on these looks smart and premium, but definitely lacks a Christmassy feel. Love the window to the pies, and these are pretty looking pies too so that definitely helps.

£2.00 a box makes these about 33p a pie, so in the reasonable but premium price range.

7/10 – Nice enough, but not particularly Christmassy.

These are very pretty pies.


They’re not exactly super even, but I love the star design and they are very obviously chock full of filling.

I really like the premium looking gold tray too, very attractive.

8/10 – These are well presented, very attractice but could just use being a little more evenly put together.

I already noted, these are pretty stacked full, and they are.


What’s more, the filling is chunky and smells pretty damn boozy. Not a lot to say here, but the amount of filling, and the look and smell of it, is very good.

8/10 – Just all round good, full of filling, smells great, fruit and nut-tastic!

Taste Test
So, before writing this I decided to pop onto the Sainsbury’s website and have a look at the reviews, gauge what the wider world thinks of these. It’s quite interesting:

The pastry is soft and gooey. The filling is disgustingly sweet.
We managed to eat one, the rest went they belong. In the bin!


I found the the pastry to be thick and hard with an “off” taste. The filling is quite nice. I ate 1/2 of one and threw the rest of the box away.


Far too sweet. The whole family thought the same. Won’t be buying again.

So…I guess I’m not normal here cos I really liked them.

They are very buttery, they do have the slight stick to the roof of your mouth effect, but it’s not too bad with a cup of tea to wash down.


The filling is boozy, you can really taste the brandy in there, and has chunky bits throughout.

Honestly, I don’t get those reviews. Maybe these are the marmite of the mince pie world. Or maybe they’re all wrong and I’m right, honestly, this is more likely.

16/20 – Well I like ’em!

It’s a fact, these are good, live with it!