Sainsbury’s Iced Topped Mince Pies

Here we go then…Sainsbury’s Iced Topped Mince Pies. Last year I never actually got around to trying out the iced topped versions, so this year I thought I’d dive right in.

Let’s crack on…


These are £1.30 at the minute, so 22p a pie basically. Which feels cheap, but looking at the really nice quality box, you wouldn’t realise it.

There is no window to the pies (there’s not a lot to look at), but the image on the front is accurate for size and I love the picture with the reindeer, really gives it a nice look. Lovely choice of colours overall.

The box is marginally smaller than the equivalent non-iced version of this pie.

9/10 – It’s good, very good and apart from the lack of a window, basically perfect.

The reason there is no window is pretty obvious when you slide them out.


Nice to see they’re wrapped for freshness. Outside the bag…


There is literally nothing to see here. Put them in front of someone, they’d be forgiven for thinking these are Bakewell tarts missing a cherry. The just need some pattern or something. If it was me, I’d drop a little green bit of holly icing on top, make it obvious what it is.

They’re obviously very evenly baked, although one of them looks like it’s either got thin icing or is thick full of mincemeat.

Red tray…same old for cheap pies.

5/10 – They’re nice enough, but just boring and easily mistake for a non-Christmas pie.

The pastry is pretty thin and these are choc full of filling. There is literally no air-gap between the topping and the mincemeat which makes a nice change.


The filling though, very disappointing. It’s quite thin, doesn’t have much in the way of chewy nut or fruit bits and there is nothing alcoholic that went anywhere near these, it’s pretty dull.

4/10 – Plenty of it, but pretty tasteless and bland.

Taste Test

This is my first mince pie of 2017. And it’s massively disappointing.

The iced top is quite nice, it does taste just like a Bakewell tart top though and so if you’d had one of them, this will be no surprise. Mixed with the mincemeat, it’s a fairly nice blend but the mincemeat itself is bland and boring. It lacks fruit and nut pieces and any sort of alcoholic kick.

The overall pie is small and easily munched, it’s not harsh but just all a bit meh!

12/20 – Just a bit bland and boring, but inoffensive enough.

Overall Score
Overall, this is hardly great and a disappointing start to the season.


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