Time off from work this Christmas

So, yes, I know it’s July.

I also know that I started this blog as an October to December blog…but you know what, this is a public information service right here, so I’m breaking my rules. I’ve also changed some colours and some fonts to jazz this place up a bit.

Anyway, the real reason we’re here…this post serves as your reminder to get your time booked off at work for Christmas, ten days off for the price of booking three days off. Get in there before somebody else does, if you can.

The Telegraph have helpfully explained all here:

Of course, you could be dead lucky and have a full office shutdown over Christmas and not get a choice in the matter.

Alternatively, if you work in retail, this post probably isn’t for you, sorry. Long time ago, I did a few years working in supermarkets through Christmas, never seen anything like it. What is the fascination with fresh double and single cream?!?!

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