Final Christmas Advert Roundup

So…this might be a long post, full of Youtube links that’ll expire in about 2 months (or two days if we’re really unlucky). I’ve scoured Youtube (once more, doing work so you don’t have to, you are very welcome).

Let’s start with John Lewis. I already said, this advert sucks and it’s really disappeared this year and has proven utterly unmemorable. Also, somehow John Lewis have scored some product placement/free advertising on SkyHD as the making of the advert sits there in the on demand Christmas section. Bonkers.

Sainsbury’s then up next. I’ve declared my love for this, but then I’m seemingly one of the few on the Internet that likes James Corden (bring it on keyboard warriors). I guess the message is a little bit strange, but I think the advert is good all the same.

Marks and Spencer genuinely nailed it perfectly too this year with this absolutely outstanding effort.

Waitrose pulled short one of the bag too with a sweet effort about a Robin on his travels.

Lidl…the brand I get told off for being snooty about…had a good go this year:

All credit to Aldi, they’re definitely trying hard here. I just object to the use of the Home Alone soundtrack.

This is the Co-op Food advert. Paints a lovely picture of Christmas, and gets the brand message away perfectly. I shop here every other day, so maybe I’m biased, but I do like the Co-op.

Curve ball alert. House of Fraser…boom. Great to see them getting all relevant! Upbeat, full of energy, I think this is great.

This was always going to be eclectic collection of adverts I’ve pulling together here and the fact we’re going from the rich shop to the lack of credit score shop sums that up. Very have done a nice little advert here.

Argos had a bit of a go this year.

There have been a few more of course but I think that’s a good cross section of the main ones of the year.

There has been some truly dire efforts too, Tesco, Debenhams…we’re looking at you.

Still, that’s the adverts done for 2016 I think.

The DFS sale ones are already starting.

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