Total TV Guide and a bit on Christmas TV

December 1st was a bit of a false start it turned out…I was all set to start a daily update of jokes and posts and it was all set to be great. Then, this bug hit and I got laid out. So that was nice.

So, now, let’s get down to business again and get caught up.

Earlier this week, I got my hands on the double issue of Radio Times What’s on TV TV Times Total TV Guide. To be honest, it’s taken a couple of days to really feel up to reading through it, and I’m not sure the weird, slightly effeminate version of Santa Claus on the cover has helped matters.


So, what else is wrong here.

Well, this isn’t Total TV Guide’s fault this year, but it’s seriously annoying that the double issue doesn’t include New Year. When you look at the schedules, and remembering that everyone is working up to the 23rd December I genuinely think it’s ridiculous the dates are for the 17th to the 30th of December. The first week is almost genuinely useless and runs the basic, normal schedules for the majority of channels. Obviously channel 5 and the like are showing Christmas movies, like they are this week and last week.

So in summary, it’s the worst possible option for a 2 week double issue.

Let’s have a look inside…here’s Christmas day:

I can summarise the BBC if you like…

Top of the Pops
The Queen
Christmas Bake Off
Doctor Who
Strictly Come Dancing
Call the Midwife
Mrs Browns Boys
Best of Tracy Ullman (huh? what?)

Has there EVER been a more tired and uninspiring Christmas day schedule on BBC 1?

The amount of imagination needed to come up with that wouldn’t fill a thimble. It’s sad. And who came up with the idea of showing Tracy Ullman. Come in 1988, your time is up.

Now, in fairness…


I’ll be watching this (well I won’t, it’ll get recorded).

Total TV Guide though, you’ve put one of the best shows on TV, ON THE FOLD!

Of the other channels, it’s all equally uninspiring but Channel 4 have got this:


Which might say Christmas Eve, but is also on Christmas Day. It’s something by the makers of Snowman and the Snowdog. Which was ok, so this might be a nice little diversion for 30 minutes.

My Christmas highlight this year (well, apart from the fact I have clue what’s on for  New Year’s Eve and Day and the bank holiday after)…


Eric Idle and Brian Cox. Exactly the kind of entertainment that BBC2 does well and I really hope this is as interesting as it sounds.

Hopefully there’ll be a few more hidden gems that are on. Big Fat Quiz is on Boxing Day, there are a few other shows, James May is building some train thing and Grand Tour has a bit of a Christmas Special on Amazon if that floats your boat.

If you’re after a good movie, the best one I think is Captain Philips on ITV on Boxing Day. Of course, it’s layered full of adverts so that’s one to watch on record so you can skip the ads.

Anyway, I’m going to grab one of the other TV mags this weekend to compare and see if I can find something more interesting to watch over the holidays. Chances are low.

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