REVIEW: Tesco Mince Pies

I can’t imagine the marketing team at Tesco really worked especially hard on naming these mince pies. There’s none of the all-butter, super sweet, Christmas amazing mince pies in the title, it’s literally the epitome of no nonsense!

I have the lowest of low hopes for these really. They are, I kid you not, 89p for 6. That’s a smidgen less than 15p per pie. And that’s blatantly ridiculous.

Should also thank and give a shout out to my friend Pieter for picking these up for us on his travels.

Onto the review anyway…


Despite the price being only 89p, Tesco have pulled a blinder here. This packaging is hands down my favourite design I’ve seen. The imagery on show is pure Christmas, perfect colours and design, it ticks most boxes perfectly.

There is no window to the pies, I’m sure there is a good reason for that and that will nudge it downwards slightly although the design here at least shows what the pies look like (in theory)…and take note Iceland, Tesco can count and actually have 6 pies on the front.

9/10 – Great design, attractive and Christmassy. No window lets it down a little.

All becomes very clear why there is no window on the box.


What the hell!

I’m pretty sure even me after 10 shots of vodka and no sleep for 48 hours, could bake mince pies more evenly than these. What a total shambles these look.

Let’s break it down shall we, to start with, the lids sit inside the pie on top of the filling. That is the cheap and simple way to do things and the bake is ridiculously uneven on these. The star on top of the pies is 6 different shapes. The filling is very close to spilling out on all of them.


It’s impossible to under-state what a mess these look.


This profile view here shows the unevenness of the lid, risen on the right, low on the left.

These are literally horrendously presented.

2/10 – At least they’re in one piece.

The quality of the presentation and the low price, I’m not exactly hopeful for the quality of ingredients used.


Look, I should note, these mince pies are actually a little bit smaller than an average mince pie, but even so, that’s not a bad amount of filling.

The picture doesn’t really capture it, but the filling is fairly wet and gooey rather than chunky and fruity. There is no real smell from these either.

4/10 – A reasonable amount, but not exactly high quality stuff.

Taste Test
We are now in a strange position. The highest of praise for the packaging, but the lowest of lows for the presentation and filling quality…as usual, it’s all about what it tastes like.

A guess what…huge surprise. Against all expectations, these are very decent.

The pastry is crunchy, not sweet (although the touch of sugar on top is just enough to keep it from being bland). It’s shortbread pastry, very much not buttery. The pastry is hugely impressive.

The filling too, may not look that great, but actually it tastes pretty ok. More fruity than boozy, but enough flavour to make them nice enough to want another one. I was expecting Tesco Value flavour and it’s really not that bad at all.

Munching away on one of these, my wife and I both agreed that they taste homemade, like the sort of taste from chucking some off the shelf pastry around a big jar of mincemeat and baking it for a bit, without caring what it looks like.

17/20 – So, massively surprisingly, I’ve gone big on the taste score here.

Overall Score
At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong for 89p, and I’d recommend these for taste over so many of the so-called premium mince pies. And the box looks nice on the table too.



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