Greggs Sweet Mince Pies

EDIT: So, I’ve been reflecting and following some, rather heated, discussion with my friends Pieter and Gareth, I’ve marked down the scores on presentation and packaging for these by 1 each.

Finally, we’re onto Greggs. I’ve been looking forward to this. A different style entirely from the regular supermarket, mass produced, highly processed stuff I’ve been consuming.


Have to remember with Greggs, they are a bakery and these are actually baked right there in the shop, so you know that they’re pretty much as fresh as you might hope (aka has a short date life). So, considering the plainness of other retailers doing the bakery thing, these are actually in a pretty nice box.

There is a window, the box is a Christmassy red with obvious stars on.

It’s interesting that someone thought it was a good idea to write an essay on the pies on the box, a different approach but overall, I kinda like it and it’s a really good effort for a bakery style.

6/10 – Good effort on this Greggs.

So this is a tough one.

You can see from the above photo the pies are lined up side on in the box, no other packaging to speak of.


The pies are fairly attractive, the icing sugar adds a snowy feel and they look pretty evenly baked.


6/10 – Simple but well presented mince pie. Could be improved with something to protect the pies in the box.

We’re in the school of average right now…7’s across the board.


Same again here. There is just enough filling, not loads, but a good amount and it’s fruity and tasty.

7/10 – Ok…just.

Taste Test
Biting into this pie, the pastry gave a lovely satisfying crunch. It really is tasty and sweet. It’s nice to have a pie that’s not incredibly buttery, and this tastes much more traditional.

Into the filling, and the flavour is fruity and sweet, but not coca-cola sweet. It’s just plain tasty and good.

17/20 – Really rather good, traditional taste.

Overall Score
36/50 – A really good score this, not the greatest but don’t be put off.

I think these pies are like the sort of mince pies your mum would put out for a Christmas buffet, alongside the cheese board and the turkey sandwiches (or turkey cob halves with cranberry sauce if she’s feeling experimental). They taste and look every inch a traditional mince pie and that is compliment enough.


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