REVIEW: Tesco Finest All Butter Mince Pies

Here then, is the Tesco offering in the premium mince pie world this year.


A good effort from Tesco this if you ask me. The packaging has a window to the pie, this is clearly a good thing and shows confidence in the baking and attractiveness of the pies. The packaging itself is well presented, with a silver backdrop and lots of images of the pies. There are some silver stars on the picture which is about the only nod to these being a Christmas thing.

Honestly, I’m a little torn here. It’s nice enough, it ticks all of the boxes…it’s just a bit dull for some reason.

8/10 – Can’t argue too much, it’s nice enough but it doesn’t shout Christmas

Sliding the tray out of the box, and Tesco are doing alright.


The pretty pattern is nice and I really love the edging around the pies.

The holes in the top of each pie and a smidgen inconsistent though, some being less hole-like than others.


There is a gentle sprinkle of sugar on top of the pies here too, let’s hope it’s done for the flavour because it is so subtle that you don’t really see it without looking closely.


The evenness all of the way around is good.

8/10 – Not the prettiest, the pattern is nice although inconsistently applied. The edges are lovely, but there is not much sugar topping to note.

The filling goes about halfway through the pie. It’s a little disappointing and reminds me of Mr Kipling in terms of the volume of filling. The filling though has a nice boozy aroma from it and appears well laden with fruit.

7/10 – Not exactly brimming full, but it looks good quality what there is.

Taste Test
This is what really counts here. And this is what surprises.

The pastry is quite sweet and thin, meaning you don’t get that feeling of plastering the roof of your mouth like with so many other pies. It’s crisp that it’s solidly baked, and doesn’t fall apart, but soft enough to get that buttery flavour. It’s maybe a touch sweet for some people I’d suggest, but really excellent work on the pastry, it has to be said.


Onto the filling, and although there isn’t loads of it, it’s nice. It’s got a good boozy flavour, with the cognac really coming through. There is plenty of fruitiness in there too and frankly, this is good stuff.

18/20 – This filling mixed with this pastry turns this mince pie into a real contender.

Overall Score
An overall score of 41/50 then.

This is a really very good mince pie and it’s really good to see the normal level supermarkets creating this level of mince pie.


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