REVIEW: M&S Star Mince Pies

So, these look special. Let’s get on with finding if they are.


Well, the box has a window. It’s smaller than average in height and it’s a pretty colour. Let’s face it though, it’s not exactly Christmassy and they don’t stand out. I found these easy to miss in the M&S I was in. For me, I think they could do more to big these up a bit.

Still, the packaging is nice enough, classy…but as I say, just not Christmassy.

6/10 – Pretty colour, window but not very Christmassy at all.

Let’s be very honest, I think these look absolutely top drawer.


The pretty star pattern works really nicely on top of the pie, they are look very evenly baked and the gold colour tray is a significant step up from the majority.


The dusting on top looks fabulous, the mincemeat is clearly brimming but not overflowing.


Even the tray is a classy gold colour. It is inarguable, these look genuinely fantastic.

10/10 – The prettiest of them all, perfectly presented.

As you can see above, the pie is deeply filled and very full. The filling itself is chunky, has lots of fruitiness visible. It IS worth remembering though, these pies are definitely a notch smaller than an average supermarket pie and this means overall, you’re probably getting the same amount of filling but in a smaller space.

8/10 – Really full, fruity looking filling. But it’s a smaller pie, so marked down for that.

Taste Test
The real crux of the matter then.

Unlike the Spar ones, there’s not a hint of diesel here, just class.

The pastry is buttery, but does not stick to the roof of your mouth at all, it’s genuinely smooth and tasty. Better yet, the coating on top (I assume icing sugar, but I’m no chef) really gives the pastry a nice touch of sweetness without the crunchiness of the regular sugar coating everyone else seems to do. What I’m trying to say here, is that the pastry is top quality.

The filling is lovely too, very fruity and very tasty with a hint of booze. But only a hint, and that’s ever so slightly disappointing. If I was M&S, I’d chuck another bottle into the recipe to bolster that bit. It’s not a real problem, but there is a way for improvement even if it’s still very very nice.

And it’s all over too quickly…and that’s the issue with these. They are nice, but a touch expensive at £2.50 for 6 considering the slightly cut down size.

17/20 – Outstanding mince pie taste, slightly bigger, slightly more booze and it would be unbeatable.

Overall Score
Genuinely excellent mince pie from M&S this.

If they could Christmas up the packaging a bit more, add some extra booze to the recipe and perhaps make them a smidgen bigger it would be the greatest mince pie of all.

41/50 – Huge score, well deserved.


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