M&S Christmas Biscuits

Can’t really review biscuits…but I figured I’d draw these out. It’s the middle of November after all and this is the inevitable lull before Black Friday and the madness of December really kicks off.


So this lot then, as my daughter said, is this really Christmassy? Well, it’s a good question, but I can see the word Santa, Mistletoe etc so they’ve had a go.


There is a good selection here, but it’s not much different to the Aldi, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and the rest doing their Christmas biscuits. Same weight to, but these set me back £5.25 and some of the others can be picked up for £3 so value isn’t really here.


There are 3 wrapped ones though. I always use the amount of wrapped ones as a barometer of quality. 3 is a high bar.

They’re very tasty.

Honestly, you know when you set out to review something and halfway through you realise, you’ve got nothing to say.

These are nice, don’t get me wrong, but stick to the supermarket own-brand versions of the same thing and save your money.

Or better still, buy a box of McVities Victoria biscuits and have something that is really a once a year treat.


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