REVIEW: Co-op Puff Pastry Mince Pies

This was unexpected. My daughter came back from the shop on Saturday with these in her bag. ‘Bought these for you to review’ she said. So, here we are.


Same old bakery packaging. At least the label is quite attractive though, so points for that. It’s pretty obvious what you’re getting from these.

6/10 – Bakery packaging is hard to score, but the label is quite pretty here.

Normal rules don’t really apply here, but let’s just say they aren’t unappealing.


Probably a challenge to keep the filling from oozing out, but there is one failed pie here where the others look good.

The baked on sugar coating looks really good on these too.


A closer look shows the rise is on one side and less on the other. I’m not sure really how clinical you want these to be really and the home baked-style aspect is one of the draws.

6/10 – Generally attractive, but a very different style. The bake could be tidier and one of them has leaked.

It was all going so well…


Nothing else to say (they were all the same by the way).

1/10 – Where is it?

Taste Test
There obviously isn’t a lot of filling to taste here, but lets try this out anyway.

So, the pastry first, and it’s really rather nice. I mean, as far as sweet puff pastry goes, it’s excellent. It’s got a hint of spice about it, the sweetness of the sugar really works and they don’t crumble into a million pieces on the first bite.

The filling is actually there, and you can taste it, but it’s really bland. In all honesty, if you took out the filling, the sweet puff pastry on it’s own would actually still be ok.

What does all of this mean. Well, it’s barely a mince pie in my book.

5/20 – The pastry is excellent, if they could find a way to put high quality filling into these (and plenty of it) then we’d be trebling this score.

Overall score – 18/50
A disappointing final score for these, they looked interesting but in the end the lack of filling really kills them.


  1. Anyone who read recently that it has been revealed that jam doughnuts don’t actually have raspberry jam in them it’s apple sauce, (sorry to disappoint avid jam doughnut eaters) that’s flavoured (making it cheaper to produce), well I can categorically say that in my opinion I think the co-op have done the same with their mince pies there was nothing but mush in those I purchased, not one actual currant to be found.

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