REVIEW: Waitrose All-Butter Mince Pies

Time for the proper Waitrose Mince Pies then, 6 in a box:


Interesting packaging this. I do kind of like it, but it’s not really christmassy is it. A black starry night with some hand-drawn holly and a bird.

The shiny red area is a nice, pretty accent on the rest of the box and it’s definitely classy.

Disappointing that I can’t see into the box though to see them, and there is a good reason for that, as you’ll see below.

5/10 – Classy but not christmassy.

Opening the box then, and the overwhelming impression is of disappointment.


Tell me you weren’t expecting more here?

These are Waitrose, a bit of a premium supermarket, and these are anaemic and plain.

A proper presentational let-down for me this.


They do have a nice layer of sugar on top, and that does help a little with the look. They at least look like they’ll be sweet.


It’s a tidy bake too, pretty even and the top actually does sit on top.

5/10 – Plain and anaemic, but well baked and a sensible sprinkling of sugar on top

The filling is fairly deep and a looks impressively fruity.


7/10 – Deep and fruitful

Taste Test
So, the pastry is nice and crunchy which is a nice surprising considering the all-butter nature of it. It’s very buttery flavoured and really, this works tremendously well.  The anaemic colour doesn’t translate to an under-baked flavour, and the base is very much solid too, no soggy bottoms here.

Biting in, these mince pies are described by Waitrose has having “Apricots, glace cherries, almonds and brandy” and the immediate hit is the smell of fruit is quite strong.

The apricot really comes through and it’s very nice. I couldn’t find any cherries in there, but the fruity flavour overall really comes in strong waves as you eat.

They aren’t especially boozy, which for some is a good thing and for some it’s a bad thing. I personally prefer a strong hint of brandy and this is a little weak in this regard.

14/20 – Fruity tasting, well balanced pastry. Not quite boozy enough.

Overall Score – 31/50
Despite first impressions, these are not bad at all.


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