REVIEW: Heston Spiced Mince Pies with a Lemon Twist

Well, these look extremely interesting. This is my first posh mince pie of the season, and with a positive review elsewhere, I’m extremely excited to give them a try. Let’s get to the review.


Well, this is a tough one. The box is quite small, square and thin, I ordered these online so it was a fair old surprise at just how thin the box is. This suggests thin pies which isn’t a great start. The box is premium cardboard though and the picture on the front is a mixture of slightly seasonal and ridiculous. It also bugs me that I have zero idea what these pies look like, unless they really do look like lemons rowing a boat with holly on their heads.

3/10 – Very boring, doesn’t give any idea of the look of the pie and small. Barely seasonal.

I think it’s fair to say, these look absolutely stunning.


Only four in the box, but they are very big and the full depth of the narrower than normal packaging. It’s hard to put into context the tops of these pies. They look totally different to any other pie I’ve had, but they look really enticing.


Worth noting, the pies smell incredibly strong of Christmas. The spices really hit the air when you open the packaging, and it’s very pleasant.

Something worth highlighting is the lack of a foil case. I’m not sure how I feel about this, on the one hand it’s annoying that I definitely need a plate, on the other it shows great confidence in the lack of a soggy bottom.


9/10 – Literally only not 10 out of 10 because I’m torn about the lack of a case.

Well, this picture speaks for itself I think:


That’s right, it’s the thinnest of thin lines of filling here. There is plenty of lemon fruit bits on top of the mince filling, but this shows the thickness of the base (hence the confidence in the lack of a case). Let’s hope the taste test works out.

3/10 – There isn’t a lot of mincemeat filling here, lets hope it’s tasty.

Taste Test
The first thing that hits you with these pies is the smell. They do smell Christmassy, really strongly, and it’s enticing to get started.

First bite then, and you are hit with the quite potent spiced flavouring. It’s not just the smell then, they literally have a bag of spice included in the pie. I think I missed the filling though, as couldn’t taste any mincemeat.

So, in I go again.

And no, still the spice. Now though, a tiny hint of lemon and what is really starting to taste like a gingerbread base. Which explains why it’s both thick and most definitely solid. Even if it’s not gingerbread, the many potent spices really give that impression.

Anyway, I powered on.

And at no stage did I get any mincemeat flavour. At all.

Put simply, these are not mince pies. Rated as a mince pie, it’s terrible. Rated as just a kind of spiced pie/tart then it’s ok at best.

I am incredibly disappointed with these, £3.00 for just four pies is fairly expensive and I was expecting something special. These smack of someone trying to be clever and basically creating a something without truly understanding what it should taste of.

1/20 – Awful.

Overall Score – 16/50
Well, this is a shocker and the disappointment of the evening. I was hugely looking forward to these and just feel like I’ve had £3.00 robbed.

In my opinion, avoid like the plague. Sorry Waitrose.


  1. Happy you like these, I’ll give them another whirl when we start this whole thing again in October, taste buds a year older and all that. I can’t say I expect much though, but I might approach it less as a mince pie and try it with custard.


  2. Disgusting! Worst mince pies I ever had. Was really looking forward to it with a cuppa, but threw it in the bin after the first bite. Hardly any mince filling, the Pastry base tastes like sawdust, the crust topping on the top tastes like sand- smells of nothing. Please get rid of this Waitrose!

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