Co-op Irresistible Cookie Collection

Featuring triple chocolate, white chocolate and cranberry and stem ginger cookies, this is a tidy little package of premium biscuits.

The packaging is the fairly standard new style branding for the co-op and, I know some have said it’s not particular Christmassy, but I think it’s pretty classy overall.

It’s all quite predictable on opening too.

This isn’t a bad thing, and they are pretty well packaged. This is how the came out of the box too, and I’d juggled them around like a bad circus act before opening.

Inside they really do look the business.

So, what about the flavours. Let’s kick off with the triple chocolate.

Well I found it a little sickly to be honest, it was nice and buttery, not too hard but not as soft as a freshly cooked warm one from the staff canteen. You’d think it’d go great with a brew, but the serious sweetness here just kills the tea flavour. I’ll be leaving the rest of these for the kids.

Onto the white chocolate and cranberry then and now we’re improving.

These are much less sweet, still really buttery, but in a good way that doesn’t coat your palette like a gooey sludge. The cranberry is light too, just a hint. It’s just a taste but it’s good.

Finally, the daddy of the box, stem ginger.

Seriously nicely flavoured this biscuit, it’s again super buttery but has that hint of ginger without being over-powering. It’s crumbly, not to hard, not to soft. Massive winner and I’d buy the box just for these.

All in then, not bad. And if you can tolerate the triple chocolate sugar overload, all the better.

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